4.18c Option 3 - Setting up an Email & Text Account - Gmail

Please review all options before you decide on the Appointment Reminders service for your clinic.

You can select either Sendgrid, Mandrill or Gmail to set up your Email & Text Reminders to Patients.

(Please note you - don't forget to set up your Appointment Reminder Templates before you start using Email & Text Reminders)

The instructions below will help you to set up using Gmail.

1) Go to VitaLogics Main Menu and click on Administration button and then click on the Email Settings button

2) Select Email Settings Tab

3) In the section on the bottom of the page you will fill in the following info:

  • Select "Use this Provider's SMTP settings to send email"
  • SMTP Server Address:
  • Port: 587
  • Use SSL: check this box
  • My ISP requires authentication: check this box
  • Username: (enter your GMAIL email that you want to send to patients) ex:
  • Password: (enter your GMAIL password

4)  Click on "Test Server Settings" 

  • Fill in your sender email address, an email you will be able to see if you receive the test, Test in subject and Test in message box & SEND

5) If you received your test email - you are all set

6) If you receive an error message like image below the problem is either turn on less secure apps or 2 step verification is turned on - see below for instructions on each:

  • Customer will need to close ALL Gmail that may be open (mail, calendar, drive, anything using the gmail password)
  • There are 2 url's that you can use to allow the password to work
  • Go to a browser tab and try whichever of these works
  • You will need to TURN ON less secure apps

OR use this URL

  • You will need to TURN ON less secure apps

  • Close and open VitaLogics and try to send another Test 
  • IF Still get error after Turned On less secure apps - Reboot computer and try again



***IF 2 step verification is on and that will prevent it from working

7) If it still does not work it is probably due to 2 step verification 

  • Ask client to change the Gmail password to a stronger password from his Gmail account then have them enter new stronger password in VitaLogics Email Settings - Test

8) If still doesnt work:

  • Change the Gmail Password to a Temporary password and support will set up the gmail from a support location/computer
  • Advise support what time we can work on this and which Citrix license and password can we use during that time
  • Support will follow all steps above using the Temp password and use the Temp Password

9) If email settings set up was successful, contact customer to test it and to change the Temp Password to a Permanent Password





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