How to Update your Price List


To update your Price list you will need

to follow these steps:

 **PLEASE NOTE - Effective Date cannot be set in the past. If you enter the new prices you can select any date from present to future (but not past dates). 

Also, your price list houses the fees your office charges for services rendered, supplements and/or products offered.


1. You will go to Admin, Price list

2. Select "update Price list" A window will generate asking you to select a start date. The date generated will be Today's date. (you can select a date in the future but, not a date in the past)

(This will reproduce all charges inside the price list to start from today's date. All previous charge amounts will be displayed. If the amount of a charge stays the same, you will not need to modify it.)

3. You will now change any CPT amounts that needs to be changed.  

* NOTE: If you selected a date in the future:

  • You will not see your duplicate CPT codes generated because you selected a date in the future.
  • To see the NEW Price List - please go to the top of the screen and un-check the box next to the Effective date calendar to display all dates.


4. Then Select "Save"

* You will have to change all "Start Dates" on new charges and "Stop Dates" if you are updating the price list "after" the amounts changed as VitaLogics will automatically generate today's date for the start date and yesterdays date for the stop date. There is no way to select a date in the past. That is why it is suggested that this action take place the day you would like changes to be made (or a future date) as it will cut down the amount of work an office will have to perform.

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