To Bill Dates of Service Before 10/1/15

If you need to bill Dates of Service BEFORE 10/1/15 you will need use ICD-9 codes for this. 

 You will need to make the following changes so the ICD-9 codes will show on the HCFA

  • Find your patient that needs to be billed for DOS before 10/1/15
  • Open the patient appointment and in the patient visit, click on EDIT ICDs - this will show you the ICD-9 codes for this visit. If they are missing, please add them now


  • Once you have added or checked that you have all ICD-9's for this claim, click on the EDIT CHARGES panel.

  • In Edit Charges panel click on the ICDs under the ICDs column. 

  • ICD Mapping tool will open. You must ensure that your ICD-9 & your ICD-10 codes are mapped appropriately to the CPT codes.  Then click Save. 

(Please Note: You can keep BOTH ICD-9 & ICD-10 codes checked in the Mapping tool. VitaLogics will only print one or the other depending on what is selected in the Payers  - Printing Options - see further down)


  • You will need to do the ICD Mapping for each CPT code
  • Once completed, click CHECK OUT


  • Go to Administration - Payers – 

  • Select Payer – Edit - Printing Options,
  • First make sure the HCFA 1500 Version is on 02/12 (this is on the top center of the Printing Options)

  • Now go to box 21- select 9 – Save - for ICD-9 codes to show on your HCFA form

  • If your patient has secondary or tertiary insurances you will need to make the same changes for each one (primary, secondary or tertiary) and change them back once the ICD-9 claim has been rebilled


PLEASE MAKE SURE WHEN YOU ARE DONE BILLING the ICD-9 BILLS - Don't forget you must change the Printing Options box 21 BACK to 10 on all (primary, secondary, tertiary) to bill anything 10/1/15 and after. This will then show ICD-10 codes on the HCFA

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