How Can I Purchase More Citrix Licenses? (Alignlife FRANCHISE)

If you have a Pro or Premium Subscription = 5 licenses AND you have activated ALL    5 licenses, you can add additional licenses.

  • Each additional license will cost $15.00 per month per license.
  • To add more licenses go to
  • You will see the screen below


  • Select the number of additional licenses
  • Click on "Add to Cart"
  • You will not see screen below
  • Click on "Proceed to Checkout"

  • Next you will see the screen below
  • If you are a returning customer - click on Returning Customer to login
  • If you do not have a username/password you will create one after you enter Billing details
  • Next fill in all Billing details
  • If you haven't purchased online before, create username/password


  • Then you check your charges
  • Add your credit card info
  • Read and check the terms and conditions
  • Click "Place order"
  • Once you purchase you will receive a confirmation
  • You will need to Request Activation for the license which will send VitaLogics Support a ticket - see below 
  • To Activate for a new Franchise license, please click on this link:













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