How to Add/ Delete a Schedule Exception


How to Add/ Delete a Schedule Exception:


In CoAction, there are two places you can create a

Schedule exception.


First Option:


Go to Admin


 Select Provider, Edit Button

Schedule tab, Exception Schedule tab


  • In Reason box: fill in Reason for the Exception
  • Provider will be: Select- in or out of the office
  • Provider will be: fill in Start & End Date/Time for the exception
  • Click on ADD




  • Once the Exception is displayed, Select Save.


Second Option:

(This option is for Out of the office Exceptions Only)


Go to Appointments

Go to the appointment book


  • Select the date you are needing to add the Schedule Exception on
  • Click starting time and drag the mouse down to the finishing time the Exception stops for that day (you will see the times highlight in blue)
  • When you have all times highlighted, Right click the blue area, select Create Exception.


  • Add in the reason for the Exception and Save.
  • You will know it has been entered correctly as the area you selected will be displayed with the reason for Exception. 




To Delete a Schedule Exception:


There is only one place to delete a Schedule Exception in VitaLogics. 


Go to Admin



  • Select Provider Exception was created for
  • Click on Edit


  • Schedule Tab, Exception Tab
  • Find the Exception in list
  • Select the Red X to Delete
  • Select Save



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