Patient Status Report

Patient Status Report

The Patient status Report allows you to see a list of people based on their status. They can be classified as a prospect, a lead or a patient.  A prospect is anyone who has just been added to VitaLogics but has not had any services yet.  A lead is someone who has come into your office for an initial visit.  The conversion from prospect to lead happens automatically when an exam CPT code is posted to their account (99201, 99202, 99203, etc).  A patient is someone who is can be considered under your care.  The conversion from lead to patient occurs automatically when the second adjusting code is posted to their account (98940, 98941, 98942, etc).

The Patient Report is broken down based on when their last completed appointment was.

To run this report, go to Reports in VL toolbar


Patient Status Report


  • Select All appropriate filters for your needs
    • "All Providers" or a Specific provider
    • Option to only show patients with NO future appointments.
    • Select Prospect, Lead or Patients 
    • If Patients is selected:
    • Select Date Range for Last Completed Appointment
    • Or Select "All" Patients box to get a list of All Patients
  • Once completed, hit next to see results 


If you do not see the people on a list that you were expecting, your Global Settings may need to be tweaked.  If this is the case, go to Admin -> Global Settings and ensure that you have the Codes listed that you want to trigger the conversion from Prospect to Lead and from Lead to Patient.  



Now that you have set up VitaLogics to move Prospects and Leads through the system according to the CPT codes, you will need to do the following:

  • Contact support and let them know you are ready to "Convert prospects and leads to New Patients" and a support rep will override your system.
  • This is a one time override we will do so all patients considered Prospects or Leads can have the "New Patient" status.
  • Once the conversion process has been completed, you can run the patient status report again so you can see all "Patients" that have not been in, in a specific time frame
  • From that moment forward, all newly added Prospects to VitaLogics will follow the flow as described above.  
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