Medicare G Code


Medicare G Codes


Need to enter a Medicare G Code? 

Medicare G Codes are created just like a CPT code but, with a zero dollar amount attached in the CoAction Price List.



To Add a New CPT code to your clinic, you will need to follow these steps


Step 1:

Go to Admin section of CoAction




Step 2:

Go to CPT Codes




Step 3:

Select ADD CPT 



Step 4:

Tell the system the CPT code and Description for CPT code and Select Save

(This is the description you will see on the Price List, Statements etc.)




Step 5:

Once you have created your new CPT code, you will search the code in the CoAction Library. When it appears, select and drag to an open button in the category you choose.

(Please note, There are many CPT codes already added to the CoAction library. You may not have to create your own CPT code. You may be able to search, find what you are looking for and simply drag and drop to an open button in the category you choose.) 




Step 6:

Once you drag and drop, CoAction allows you to change how the button is displayed.

This only changes the way the button looks. The price list, Statements etc. will show the proper description.

Once you have it the way you like, You will select Save.




Step 7:

After you select Save, your new button will display. Please follow these steps for any other New CPT buttons you may need to add.

Once you are finished, you will X out of the screen.




Once this step is completed, you will need to add your New CPT codes to your Price Lists and Insurance Fee Schedules


Training Video Reference

Please keep in mind, this is an old training video and may not provide a full explanation but, is provided for a visual walk through.


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