CoAction Appointments Are Not Syncing To My Google Calendar on my Phone/Tablet

There could be several reasons why appointments are not syncing to your Google Calendar

A) Client phone needs to be re-synced

1) Iphone 

    • Go to Settings
    • Find Mail, Contacts, Calendars
    • Scroll down to Calendars area and select Sync
    • Select how far back you want to re-sync the phone
    • Appointments should start showing up on gmail

2) Androids: may have a few different ways to do this, here are 2 ways:????

1) Go into your calendar

    • Select More
    • Manage calendar
    • Then you can choose your Google Account
    • Select sync calendar

2)  Go to your calendar

    • Select settings
    • Select sync option


 B) Try these


Note- changing gmail password would not affect this

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