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End of Support for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 coming in early 2016, Holiday Schedule, Tip of the Day and more!

The next scheduled VitaLogics update will be in February 2016. As a reminder, we send updates out by groups and you will be notified via email the day before your update.
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 New & Improved
Patient Statement coming in the next update! Details coming in January. Stay Tuned!
Are any of these questions Giving You A Headache?
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Here are some FAQ's we have been receiving with answers that will help? 
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You may have some questions for VitaLogics so let's try to answer them here.
Q- Is your patient asking for a list of ALL payments they have made this year?
 Q- ICD-9's are showing up instead of ICD-10's on my HCFA?
A- Make sure your Payer has been changed to print ICD-10's. Go to Admin - Payers - select a payer - Edit - Printing Options - halfway down the page in the middle (Box 21), select option 10 to print ICD10's and click on Save
Q- Not all of my ICD-10's are showing up on my HCFA?
A- Check that your HCFA version has been changed to the current HCFA 02/12 (not 08/05)
-Go to Admin - Payers - select payer - Edit - top of page check 1500 HCFA version should be 02/12 selected
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That in VitaLogics you can type in a Qualifier# in Box 14 if it is not found in the drop down menu?
If you find that you need to Add a different qualifier (ex: 454 for Medicare), you can just type in the number and that qualifier will remain from visit to visit.
How to do this? When in a patient visit, go to Edit ICD, find Box 14. The box on the right is for the Qualifier. Type in any number as needed. 
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Are you changing your price list in 2016?

Are you wondering...

How do I do this?

Click Here for step by step instructions!
Do you need to change your fee schedule?
Click Here for step by step instructions!
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Windows 10 & VitaLogics?

If you have been wondering....

could I or should I?

Many of our staff members have upgraded to Windows 10 & VitaLogics has been working well. No issues on our end with VitaLogics.
Urgent Reminder
The February 2016 VitaLogics Update
will not run on Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 Operating Systems. If your office is currently running VitaLogics on one of these operating systems please read on... 
Please click Here for detailed instructions.
Log Me In Rescue has announced they will End Support to Windows XP starting on January 1, 2016.  

What does that mean to you?

VitaLogics uses this application to remote onto your computer when you need assistance. If you have Windows XP the application may not run after this time.


Do you need to bill Dates of Service Before 10/1/15?
 These instructions are found in the Support Center Click Here
VitaLogics Affiliate Corner
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Have you wondered if you are truly HIPAA compliant?  If you are audited tomorrow, do you know for sure you will pass, or is hope your strategy?  

 - Do you know the 21 most important things you must consider before allowing an IT guy to touch your network (even your current one)?  

 - Has your IT guy helped you think through ways your technology should be keeping you protected, productive and profitable? 

 - Do you want to know if your email program is HIPAA compliant (Hint – the number one question we receive).


Dan McCoy from, the only Chiropractic Technology Coaching focused IT company in the country, and Vitalogics affiliate, has put together some killer FREE tips to help you grow your chiropractic practice and answer these questions.   Go HERE


For more information on using to manage your computer network, provide proper backup for a chiro office, or provide a turnkey DONE FOR YOU HIPAA compliance solution in less than 30 days, please contact:

Dan McCoy
a division of 
Micro Enterprises LLC
Toll Free: 877-540-6789 x801


To schedule a 15 minute intro call with me, click here


Interested in Joining your Colleagues who are on their way to getting their monthly support fees waived?
The VitaLogics Affliiate program provides you the opportunity to significantly lower if not completely eliminate your month support fee.  Click here to learn more!
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Did You Know?
VitaLogics Offers New Client Follow Up Training
Are you within your first 6 months of using VitaLogics? Do you or your staff have questions or need clarification on a specific feature?  Don't forget, as a new VitaLogics user you may request one on one training.Don't wait until you are frustrated, contact the Director of Customer Support, Liz Mertz by sending an email to - Attention Liz Mertz and include the issue to be addressed, the best time and telephone number to contact you. Liz will work with you to come up with an action plan to address your concerns. 
To Request a Webinar Topic
To Request a specific topic to be covered in an upcoming webinar, send an email to
We would love to hear from you!

VitaLogics Support Hours

ph 309-265-0888

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 6:00 pm CST
For Emergency Support
M - F  6:00 pm - 7:00 pm CST
Need help after hours?
You can get answers to
your VitaLogics questions
24 hours a day?
Visit the VitaLogics Support Center
VitaLogics Main Menu, Admin > Support Center > VitaLogics EMR and enter a topic in the search field
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