To Edit or Delete a Macro in the SOAP Notes Template

If you are in the SOAP Notes template and you find you want to delete or edit a Macro, please follow these steps:


  • In your SOAP Notes Template find the macro you want to edit or delete


  • Right click on the Macro
  • On the right bottom of the page you will find Button Properties
  • Here is where you can Add/Edit or Delete your button

  • To Delete, click on Delete, you will see a pop up that says "Are you sure you want to delete this macro?"


  • Select Yes, that will delete the Text part of the macro
  • You will need to erase the Title and the color to completely clear the button


  • To Edit the macro text - select a macro - Right click on the button - select edit
  • You will open the Macro Action Wizard

  • You can change the Name: Macro Name (not the button name)
  • Change the Target: section you want the text to print (D,S,O,A,N,E)
  • Change anything in the text
  • Click OK when done


  • To see how to ADD info to Customize please see this video

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