How To Post A New Explanation of Benefits (EOB), Using A Credit Card Payment

How To Post A New EOB, Using A Credit Card Payment

1. Select Billing in VitaLogics Tool Bar


 2. Select Post New EOB


 3. Fill out EOB Screen

  • Enter Posted Date (Date you are posting EOB)
  • Select Credit Card option (this will remove the check number field)
  • Enter Check Date
  • Enter Insurance Payer
  • Enter Clinic Payment is posting to
  • Enter Check Amount (Credit Card)
  • Enter Any Notes needing to be applied
  • Select Blue Hyperlink. Click to add Credit Card 


4. Add in All Credit Card info Provided.

When finished select OK


5. You will be brought back to this screen, showing

the Credit Info was applied

Then select NEXT 

6. Select Patient name Payment is to be applied to

Select NEXT

7. Using Calendar-Select Date Range or Date of Charge payment is being applied to

Select Apply Date Filter Button 


8. When Charges Appear, Post Payment to Charge(s)

Make sure Amount of Check amount Matches amount posted

(unless there are more patients to apply payment to)

Select NEXT 

9. When payment is fully Applied, You will be asked

"Would you like to Complete this EOB?"

If Finished, Select YES 



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