4.18a Option 1 - Setting up an Email & Text Account - Sendgrid

Please review all options before you decide on the Appointment Reminders service for your clinic.

Here is another option for email / text reminders


The company is called Sendgrid.

  • There is a FREE TRIAL option 
  • Click on this link below to set up your account with Sendgrid

Sendgrid -

  • You will be sent a verification email to confirm the email you are setting up. please make sure you complete that step or you will not be able to send a successful test
  • Keep a copy of your Sendgrid username and password 
  • Easy to Use - No Domain Setup Needed
  • Use SMTP integration when setting up
  • You will need your Sendgrid username and password to set up in VitaLogics Email Settings
  • Go To VitaLogics Main Menu > Administration > Email Settings


  • In the Email Settings tab go to the bottom section and select  "Use this Provider's SMTP settings to send email" 
  • Fill in the following:
    • SMTP Server Address:
    • Port: 587
    • Use SSL: check
    • My ISP requires authentication: check
    • Username: enter the sendgrid username
    • Password: enter the sendgrid password



  • Make sure you have received an email from Sendgrid asking you to confirm your email
  • Once you receive another email from Sendgrid saying "Your Sendgrid account has been provisioned!"
  • THEN you can run a test
  • Click on Test Server Settings
  • Fill in the email you will use to send reminders
  • test recipent with your personal email so you can see if you receive the test
  • Add TEST in the subject
  • Add TEST in the body of the message
  • click SEND
  • If the test goes thru you are all set


Note: If you receive an error:

"The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response was 5.5.1 Authentication Required."

You need to receive an email that says "Your SendGrid account has been provisioned!"  before you send a test


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