4.18a Option 1 - Setting up an Email & Text Account - Sendgrid

Please review all options before you decide on the Appointment Reminders service for your clinic.

Here is another option for email / text reminders


The company is called Sendgrid.

  • There is a FREE TRIAL option 
  • Click on this link below to set up your account with Sendgrid
  • Keep a copy of your Sendgrid username and password 
  • Easy to Use - No Domain Setup Needed
  • Use SMTP integration when setting up
  • You will need your Sendgrid username and password to set up in VitaLogics Email Settings

Use this link:    



sendgrid003a.png      sendgrid003b.png 

  • Once you have completed creating your sendgrid acct, you will need to do a few more steps to tell Sendgrid how you will be sending your email/texts




- Here are the steps again:

In VitaLogics Main Menu go to      

  • You will need your Sendgrid username and password to set up in VitaLogics Email Settings
  • In the Email Settings tab go to the bottom section and select  "Use this Provider's SMTP settings to send email" 
  • Fill in the following:
    • SMTP Server Address:
    • Port: 587
    • Use SSL: check
    • My ISP requires authentication: check
    • Username: enter the sendgrid username
    • Password: enter the sendgrid password
    • DO NOT TEST at this time


  • Now go back to the Sendgrid site to continue




  • Click on Test Server Settings (you will see image below pop up)
  • Fill in the email you will use to send reminders
  • test recipent with your personal email so you can see if you receive the test
  • Add TEST in the subject
  • Add TEST in the body of the message
  • click SEND
  • If the test goes through go Back to Sendgrid site to Veryify Integration
  • If it does not go through contact VitaLogics Support

  • Go back to Sendgrid site and click on "Verify Integration"


  • If all is working you will see this screen below
  • If not, contact VitaLogics Support










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