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Heartland Integration with CoAction:


  • Clinics can use the Heartland credit card reader and the patient's credit card payment will automatically be posted to the patient's file. 
  • VitaLogics encrypts your patient's credit card number so that the user will only be able to view the last 4 digits of any credit card number in the software. 
  • The credit card processing fees are comparable to other companies in the market with the added benefit of streaming your process of collecting patient payments. 
  • The Heartland merchant account and the PAX device is DSS-PCI and HIPAA compliant.
  • Heartland Card Reader has EMV Chip Technology and card swiper ability.
  • Manual batching is available by clicking Heartland batch button in the VitaLogics Main Menu. If you batch out before 8pm EST you will see your funds next day.


Important Notes:

Clinic must have an open port available on the computer for the PAX S300 ethernet cable to plug into.


Heartland Benefits:


  • One-stop payments processing that serves all your business needs conveniently and efficiently
  • Fair pricing and full disclosure of fees and agreement terms
  • Never any “rate creep”, always pass thru pure interchange lowest rates.
  • PAX devices comes with 100% breach protection and is a certified compliant Smart card /EMV reader- “Out-of-Scope” device hence no PCI Compliance cost.
  • PAX device can be paid for in six installments, monthly at no additional cost.
  • Clear, easy-to-read statements that eliminate confusing and misleading fees
  • Processing for all major credit brands and fast access to funds with one deposit, one statement, one point of access to account information and one call for customer service
  • Improved cash flow through real-time processing and quick authorizations
  • Customer advocates that provide merchant support round-the-clock
  • More than 850 Heartland employees ready to answer the phones within 6 seconds
  • Fast, convenient access to your merchant transaction activities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Info Central: As a Heartland customer you will have easy access to your transactions using "Info Central" - which is an online dashboard for managing your transactions, batched data, declines, reports etc. - ask Heartland Customer Service about how to access this


  • Heartland Portico: Web based Heartland processing. If you receive EOB debit cards for multiple patients and need to process the debit card to the clinic bank acct you would use Portico. Contact Jennifer D'Angelo, Heartland rep, to set this up.


For Chiropractors via VitaLogics Software as of Feb 2017:


Below are the fees to integrate your payment processor with the VitaLogics Software system. These fees cover the data integration and data transfer from the VitaLogics server to the credit card processing interface:

VitaLogics Integration Fee -  $9.95 per month.

Heartland/VitaLogics $15.95/month + $0.12 + wholesale interchange rates + 1/3 of one-percent. With NO application fee. The monthly is $24.50 which includes PCI Compliance. No annual fee.

American Express rates are similar to Visa rates.

Card Swiper Machine is available for Server and Cloud customers: 

Note: PAX S300 will need to be connected to your router via ethernet cable. WIFI is not available at this time. You will also need an open port on your computer to connect the ethernet cable.

PAX S300 - price $315 plus tax including an extra cable with the PAX S300 device (updated 2-2017)

*Heartland also has non-integrated devices available. Please ask the Heartland agent for details.


Heartland will work with you to complete the application process.

During this process you may be asked to provide the following information:

  • Copy of voided business check
  • If you are a new business, a signed bank letter with account info
  • Federal tax ID
  • 2-3 merchant credit card statements (all pages)


Heartland Contact for information and up to date pricing:

For more information or to sign up please click on this link 

Our VitaLogics contact is Jennifer D’Angelo at 860-659-8900, or email 


NOTE: Once you have been approved by Heartland and have received your PAX s300 device:

  1. Clinic can contact Heartland Specialty Products team member to help you with the initial PAX install to your router
  2. Once that is done, clinic can place a ticket into VitaLogics - to turn on the Heartland Integration and to set up a time for VitaLogics support to walk you through completing the VitaLogics portion of this install

 Very Important for current FORTE client wanting to change to Heartland 


  • Must enter ALL Forte payments before turning off Forte and turning on Heartland
  • If you have Saved credit cards with the Forte system, you will need to have the patients swipe the credit card to save the cards with the Heartland system.
  • If you currently have care plans with Auto pay set up, you will need to redo the Auto Debit once you have the patient swipe the credit card in the new Heartland device. Contact VitaLogics Support to help you edit (attach) the first Heartland credit card.
  • Suggestion would be to run a Forte Auto Debit report to see how many care plans will have to be revised
  • Support will need to create a ticket for the programmer as we will need to Turn Off Forte and Turn on Heartland (this takes about 20 min) This will need to be schedule during a time when you are not seeing patients as you will not have Forte and Heartland is not yet set up.
  • Then support will need to work with you to do the Heartland set up (normally, server clients take about 20 min and cloud clients take about 45 min)





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