Why are my Patient Notes not printing when trying to create a Document?

 Question: Why are my notes not printing when trying to create a document?  

Answer: The "Reason of Visit" (ROV) attached to the Patients appointment, when it was scheduled, needs to be  included as a ROV under the Notes tab of the Documentation Template. 

To correct:


  • Go to the patients file
  • Go to the Appointments tab
  • Find the Date of service in the Appointment History list 
  • Look at the Reason of Visit selected under the ROV column



  • Go to your Admin section of CoAction
  • Click on Documentation template button
  • On the left, Select the template you were using to create the patients document.
  • Go to the Notes tab on the right
  • Look at the column that states "Display when ROV is..."
  • Using the down arrow provided, Add the ROV from the patients appointment to the list of acceptable ROV's the notes can print for. 
  • Save

* If there is not a restriction on what type of ROV that can be used, you can select "ANY" as the ROV. This will print any notes selected for all types of appointments. 


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