Creating, Printing and Exporting a Super Receipt for Patients

The super Receipt feature allows the clinic to provide the patient with a detailed statement of charges, patient payments made on charges and/or write offs applied. This statement is used for reimbursement of insurance companies, attorneys etc. It has the option to select all the necessaray info they need such as CPT codes, Provider Tax ID, Provider NPI, ICDs and descriptions 

To Create and Print A Super Receipt

1) From the Main Menu go to Rolodex > select patient > double click or click open to open patient file 

2) Go into patients file> select billing tab> select super receipt. 

3) Select Create (bottom right)

4) Choose your filters:

  • Charges from Clinic - (If you have more then one clinic, select clinic needed)
  • What Date Range

-This box will depend on what Date Range you have selected. Fill in whatever is needed. When selecting the dates you must select the dates that your appointments fall under. If an appointment is outside the date you selected, the super receipt will not generate info for that date of service 

  • Only Include charges that would print on the 1500 claim form.

- You would check this box if: you want the Super Receipt to ONLY generate charges that will print on a 1500 HCFA form. These will be charges that you would have on the Price List and/or Fee Schedule (if you are using Fee Schedules with your insurance policies). This would Normally be checked if going to insurance.

- You would Un-Check the box if: Things like pillows, supplements, etc, may be selected to not print on a HCFA but, you would like to create this statement for an attorney and need them added.


  • Select Include Providers NPI, Include Providers Tax ID number and/or Include full description of ICDs 

- All three of these options are just check to add or uncheck to keep off of the statement

  • Select Display Clinic - Again, If you have more then one clinic
  • Select From Address:

- Use Insured's name and address - If the insured name is different from the patient

- Use Patients name and address - This generates the patients name and address from the file.

(Patient name/address is the most common option) 

  • Select To Address:

- Use Primary Payer if sending to an Insurance Company, Attorney, Free Text or you can leave blank


5) Once all filters are selected, Select Next (bottom right)


Once You are looking at your super receipt, you have 2 options (PRINT or EXPORT:

You can Print the Super Receipt:

When the super receipt is generated on the screen, you will see a print button to the top left of the page

You will select the print button, the printer window will pop up, select correct printer and hit print

Once you are finished printing, Select Finished at the bottom of the Super Receipt and you are Done.


You can Export the Super Receipt:

You can Export the Super Receipt to the computer using

X-Excel, A-Adobe or W-Word

(this is great if you need to email the super receipt to a patient, attorney etc.)

Once you select one of these options, the computer will bring up a window asking you to save the file in the location you would like. Select the proper location, name the file and save. Once the Super Receipt is saved onto the computer, you can email as needed. 


Once you are finished, Select Finished at the bottom of the Super Receipt and you are Done!


This will ensure a copy of the Super Receipt that was created will be added to the patients file, if you ever need to access it again. 





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