How to Create Image Slides or Upload a Video in HSTV

Login to your HSTV by using this URL:

Enter your login & password (The clinic owner should have this info, if they do not know this info please contact VitaLogics support)

On the top left of the screen you will see 5 tabs, select Publish and 


Below them you will see the Create Content Tab, click on that

This will take you to the menu to select the type of content you want to create

Example: you can select Get Started and pick a slide or video that you would like. But remember you can select anything from the menu

If you select an image (like the one in my example) - to Add an image - click on select image – then Upload then OK – and find the image on your desktop – highlight and click open to copy the image to screenscape – Click Next

Once you see your image on the screen – select the image (if it says converting let it finish) – Click Next

Once you select the image you can add how long you want it to run (Duration), Intro/Outro Fade Duration and background color- Click Next

You can now Add a Title, schedule on the calendar when you want it to play and give it a title THEN SAVE

To Publish to your Playlist:

Highlight the Image you created that is now on the left of your screen in My Content file

Hold your left mouse down and drag it to the right side of your screen to your playlist and let go of the mouse

Click ok



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