How to Import a Macro Template - Server Clients

To Import a MACRO template in CoAction follow these steps:

Step 1) The Macro File you want to import must be on your desktop or a file on your computer

Step 2) Open any completed or checked in patient appointment to the Provider’s Screen (where you type your Soap Notes)

Step 3) In the SOAP NOTES Screen click on the GREEN CIRCLE in the bottom left of the Macro screen


Step 4) Then select "Import Template from File" Select the template from its saved location on your desktop and select Open.

Step 5) Find the Macro template file you want to import (either on your desktop or wherever you saved it on your computer)

Step 6) Highlight the Macro File, Click Open 

Step 7) The Macro File will automatically replace the one that is on your screen

That's It !







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