If Report does not have export feature

If a report does not have export feature and you need to export to excel this may help.

1) Do you have a converting program on your computer that converts PDF files to Excel? like Adobe converter or Able2extract?

If you do here are some instructions:

1) In CoAction, pull the report: (Patient Payer report)

  • select your filters and click next

2) Once you have the report, on top left click on Print

  • slide the bar to see all print options - you are looking for Microsoft Print to PDF
  • highlight Microsoft Print to PDF
  • click on Print

3) Select where you want to save the PDF file (like your desktop)

  • Add a File name and click on Save

4) You can either use a converter program like able2extract to convert the pdf to excel

or you can use Adobe Converter if you have that on your computer

  • To use Adobe converter - Find the PDF file on the desktop (or wherever you saved it)
  • click on Export PDF
  • it should show the file name in Select PDF file 
  • in Convert to use the down arrow to find Excel
  • click on convert

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