How to Add a SMS Carrier to VitaLogics for Text/Email Reminders

Do you need to add a Cellphone and Carrier for your patient but, you do not see the Carrier you need in the VitaLogics drop down menu?  

Here are the instructions on how to ADD a Cellphone Carrier to VitaLogics

1. Go to your ADMIN area of VL

 2. Select SMS Carriers button

 3. Select ADD under the Carrier List provided. 

 4. You will need to find out the SMS Carrier Gateway extension for the Carrier you want to add (see below for examples found online)

5. Once you have the Carrier info, select ADD, it will open up an area to the Right side of the screen to add in your carrier info. Add in the Info needed and select Save

(Straight Talk info is (@VTEXT.COM)

 6. Once Saved, You will see your carrier added to the list

 7. To test, Go to your patients area of your VL toolbar

 8. Select the patient needed, Go to the patients tab and Select Edit. Once the window is open: Add in patients cell phone number, Select Carrier you added into the SMS Carrier area from the drop down (you will see the cell number plus sms address) and select SAVE.


Please note:

Here are a few carriers with the email to text address, as an example. 


Carrier                              SMS Email Address

Straight Talk                      @VTEXT.COM


i Wireless                

Republic Wireless     


Consumer Cellular    

Bluegrass Cellular     











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