Printing a Super Receipt to Give to Patient for Insurance

When printing a Super Receipt for cash patients to send into their Insurance Company for patient to be reimbursed.

1) From the Main Menu go to Rolodex > select patient > double click or click open to open patient file

2) In patients file > select Billing tab> select Super Receipt tab


3) Select Create (bottom right)


4) Choose your filters:

  • Display Clinic Addresss
  • Date Range - select what range you want on the super receipt. Here are the options:
  • Next box will depend on what Date Range you have selected. Fill in whatever is needed
  • Check mark all 4 boxes
  •     -Only include charges that would print on the 1500 claim form (HCFA)
  •     -Include Provider NPI number
  •     -Include Provider Tax ID number
  •     -Include full description for ICD's
  • From Address: Select Patients name and address

5) Select Next (bottom right)

6) Select Finish

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