Super Receipts


How to Generate a Super Receipt

Super Receipts are generated for Patients that have Flex Spending or HSA accounts, Patients that need to be reimbursed for prepaid services, Attorney's that need breakdowns of services rendered, etc.


1) From the Main Menu go to Rolodex > select patient > double click or click open to open the patient's file

2) In the patient's file > select Billing tab> select Super Receipt tab



3) Select Create (bottom right)


4) Choose your filters:

  • Display Clinic Address
  • Date Range - select what range you want on the super receipt. Here are the options:

Please keep in mind: Dates of service displayed will be based on the date range that was chosen. Any date of service outside of the date range, will be excluded.


The Next section will depend on what you would like displayed on the Super Receipt. You will check mark the appropriate boxes.


  • Only include charges that would print on the 1500 claim form (HCFA)- If this box is checked, CPT codes that were not selected to print on a HCFA within the clinics Price List/Fee Schedules will be excluded.
  • Include Provider NPI number
  • Include Provider Tax ID number
  • Include full description for ICD's

Select the appropriate "From Address" Select Patients name and address.

Select appropriate "To Address". Options include

  • Primary Payer
  • Attorney
  • Free Text

5) Select Next (bottom right) to generate the Super Receipt


To Download/Print the Super Receipt

You will see a tool bar at the top of the page when generated.

You will be able to Print and Export the document. You will see the Print button and the Red Arrow is pointing to the Export options. X=Excel, A=Adobe and W=Word. 



6) Select Finish when done. CoAction will keep a copy of the Super Receipt ran within the patients file.


Training Video Reference

Please keep in mind, this is an old training video and may not provide a full explanation but, is provided for a visual walk through.

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