SERVER CLIENTS-If Your SERVER Cannot Access the Database-READ THIS!

If you are a SERVER client and your computers are not connecting or you are getting an error please check the following:

Errors like: CANNOT Connect to Database.....are normally network related 

-Is the computer connected to your network?

-Is the client (non server) computer on the same network the SERVER computer is on?

-Is the Server computer on a Private (or Work/Workgroup) or Public Network - (ALL computers should be on the same Private or Work/Workgroup computer network) No one should be on a Public network

-Rebooting the server and router usually gives the system a "kick start". Close client computers, server and router. Wait a couple minutes then turn on router, server then client computers. Try logging into the Database

These are a few suggestions to try first.

Contact if you are still having issues connecting to the Database

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