Trend Micro Anti Virus software- VL wont connect or emails/texts wont send

Trend Micro has been known to cause some issues with VitaLogics. See below

Possible issues caused by Trend Micro Anti virus:

  • VitaLogics stops working, cannot connect to server message when logging into VitaLogics
  • Email/Texts are not sending
  • Not backing up to main cloud server


We have found that the Anti-Virus software thinks that the CoActionSynchronizer.exe file is a malware file, on the VitaLogics server, so it quarantines that file, thus killing the CoActionSynchronizer service, and not letting it restart. 

Or if there is no exception added then VitaLogics will not open

Solution: Client IT person needs to:

For Email/Text not sending & Not backing up:

  - Need to recover the quarantined CoActionSynchronizer.exe file and put it back in the proper directory, C:\CoAction\Services\CoActionSynchronizer, and then restart the CoActionSynchronizer service. Coactionsynchronizer should be set to Automatic delayed start, Restart service in all options and set for 20 min.

For VitaLogics cannot connect to server:

  - Need to exclude C:\Program File (x86)\Vitalogics 



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