Azure Ipad/Iphone- Installing Citrix/CoAction On Azure Cloud

How To Access CoAction using an Ipad or Iphone

You will need to install Citrix Receiver then type URL in Safari browser to access Citrix Light Version

1) From your IPAD - go to the APP STORE and search for Citrix Receiver for IPAD


2) Click on GET then INSTALL or a download symbol 


3) You may need to enter your Itunes credentials

4) Click on the Home button

5) Click on Safari

6) In the browser tab type this URL         enter

7) Then you will need to enter the Azure domain coactionsoftclo\ and your license info like below

  • User name: coactionsoftclo\vl-lmertz-1   (citrix user license sent to you by support)
  • Password:  (citrix password sent to you by support)
  • click Log On

8) You will see the Citrix Workspace with CoAction & Self Check icons and top right a little gear (settings) - click on the gear drop down and select Account Settings

9) In Settings – select Change Citrix Receiver (this is a one-time set up)

10) Click on Use Light Version (screen may look a little different)

11) Click on APPS to get back to Citrix Workspace

12) Click on CoAction Icon or Self Check in

13) You will see the CoAction log in screen - log in using your CoAction username/password that you created or click on Self Check In

 - You would click on the Citrix Receiver icon to find the keyboard when needed

*Note: You will want to Lock Rotation on your Ipad to see full screen(Ipad Settings - General - Lock Rotation & hold tablet horizontally and flip the switch on side of Ipad to lock screen)


14) To log out - Quick Logoff and Logoff from Citrix Workspace (top right, click on drop down on gear - logoff)


*Please note: You cannot print or access your desktop on the Citrix Light version.




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