Azure-Upload & View Image in Patient File

To upload an image file  follow these steps:

Types of image files 

1) Open a patient file (Main Menu - Patients)

2) Open Patient Image tab


3) On Bottom Right - click on ADD 

4) You will need to drill down to YOUR desktop (not the one on the Cloud)

 - on the left bar you will find THIS PC - click on this to open the folders

 - Select Local Disk C /(your desktop name) 

 - All other options reside on the cloud and you do not have access 

5) Find the folder "USERS" & double click to open

6) Find Your Computer name & double click to open

7) Find the desktop or whatever folder your image would be and double click to open

8) Once you find your image, highlight and click Open

9) The file will upload and then you will see the image in the patient image tab (if it is a large file it may take a couple minutes)

 - If you dont see the image click on the link on top "image loading has been delayed to improve performance. Click here to display"

10) To VIEW image larger - Double click on image

(View button is not needed)




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