Azure-Add, View or Edit a File in Patient File

**Files that are uploaded will be stored in the patients file tab. Files will be downloaded back to your computer for editing or viewing. If you need constant viewing access to a document, you should upload it as an image in the image tab.


To Upload a document to a patients file:


Types of files .doc, .xls, .rtf, .pdf (.pdf will look like Chrome HTML doc) 

1) Open a patient file (Main Menu - Patients)

2) Open Patient File tab



3) On Bottom Right - click on ADD 



4) You will need to drill down to YOUR desktop (not the one on the Cloud)

 - on the left bar you will find THIS PC - click on this to open the folders

 - Select Local Disk C /(your desktop name) 

 - All other options reside on the cloud and you do not have access 



5) Find the folder "USERS" & double click to open



6) Find Your Computer name & double click to open



7) Find the desktop or whatever folder your document would be and double click to open



8) Once you find your document, highlight and click Open



9) Add a note to describe/identify the file & click Save



10) The file will upload and then you will see the line item in the patient file tab (if it is a large file it may take a awhile to upload)






1) In patient file tab - Highlight the file you want to View or Edit



2) Go to bottom right click on View or Edit (either will take you to same steps)



3) Browse for Folder window will pop up - select your Local Disk/C:(Your computer name)




4) Click on "Make New Folder" and when the folder is created name it so you can find it on your local C drive - click OK   (your file that you are viewing will download here. Unless you want to drill back down to your local desktop)



5) You will see a pop up showing you where the document was downloaded on your computer in the file you created. But, DO NOT click ok just yet. Leave this pop up on the screen. If you select OK now, it will remove the download from the file location you saved it to



6) You can use your File Explorer, You can now go to your C drive on Your computer and find the new folder you created or wherever you copied your file




7) Once you are done viewing or editing the file, save your doc if needed and X out of the folder.

8) Go back to VitaLogics- you will Now click OK & Done on the Pop Up (If the file is large it will take a little while to close)



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