How to Post an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to Secondary Charges


How to Post an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to Secondary Charges



Select Billing in the VL toolbar



Select Post New EOB



Add in all info present on the EOB

* Date EOB was received in the office

* If the EOB is a Check payment or CC Payment

*EOB Check Number

*Secondary Payer 

* Clinic payment is being applied to

(If there is only one clinic entered into VL, the correct clinic will automatically display)

* Enter any Notes you may want attached to the EOB


Once finished, Select Next




Select the Patient name from the Rolodex

and Select Next



Select the Secondary tab

Select Dates of Service being paid on the EOB

( you can hold down the ctrl button to select multiple dates)

Select Apply Date Filters button to display Dates of service/s and charges



Make sure Secondary Portion is correct

(amount secondary is responsible to pay)

Select Type from Drop-down

(Payment, Deductible or Denial)

Enter how much Secondary paid on Charges

Please note: If you need to enter an insurance write off, it needs to added in by selecting the green pencil

You can Select Attached Files to upload saved EOB

Once finished, Select Next



IF you have Not posted ALL money on the EOB and you still see Money listed under Amount Remaining, you will be brought back to the Patient Rolodex screen so you can select the Next patient on the EOB and follow the steps again. 


If you have posted ALL money you will be asked if you would like to complete the EOB. If you are finished select Yes to Complete.


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