How to ADD a New CPT code to your Existing Price List


To ADD a New CPT code to your Existing Price List

Please follow these instructions below, after you have created your New CPT Code buttons.

If you have not added your New CPT Code buttons to CoAction yet, please follow the instructions on this article before moving forward. Click Here


Step 1:

Go Admin in your CoAction toolbar




Step 2:

Select Price List



Step 3:

Make sure you are looking at the Correct Price List that you are wanting to add the New CPT code to and Select ADD CPT




Step 4:

Search the New CPT code.

Once you see the New CPT code and Description you created, Select to Highlight and press SAVE 




Step 5:

Scroll to the bottom of your Price List to find.

Add in all the necessary info for your New CPT code, remembering to backdate the Start Date for your CPT code if necessary and SAVE

(The Start Date Selected should be, BEFORE the first date of service you are wanting to apply the CPT code to)




*IF you have Fee Schedules created for your Insurance Payer Allowed Amounts, please go to Admin>>Fee Schedules>> Select proper payer>> Select correct Fee Schedule from the drop-down and follow the same steps to Add the CPT code and add in the New Allowed Amount. 



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