Adding Taxonomy Code or other Specific Pins/Qualifiers


To add Specific Pins/Payer Rules or qualifiers to a payer follow these steps:


When adding a specific pin/qualifier to a payer, this information will only print on this payers HCFA. If this info needs to be applied to several payers, you will have to add them in one at a time. 


On the VitaLogics Main Menu:

  • Go to Admin-->Billing Entities-->Select Doctor's name --> Edit
  • Click on the tab called Specific Pin's



  •  Click on Add Other ID




  • Select Payer that the taxonomy needs to be added to--> click ok
  • Then click on the green check mark under either Group or Individual



  • Look for the Qualifier called Provider Taxonomy (zz)----> highlight it--->click save--->



  • Tab over to enter your Taxonomy number and click on Save



  • Then Click on Save once more






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