Zingit Set Up for CoAction Local Server Clients Only


CoAction is now integrated with Zingit 😊


Before moving forward, you will need to contact Zingit and sign up!

If you decide to use Zingit, CoAction will automatically export your scheduled appointments everyday between 3pm - 4pm.

Any appointments that are scheduled After the 3 - 4pm auto export, can be manually pushed out to patients via the Zingit interface provided to the clinic.

(Zingit will need to review how that takes place)


Here are the steps to set it up in CoAction:


  • Go to the Database Main Menu click on Administration > Global Settings
  • You will see a section called Zingit Export Settings
  • To turn ON Zingit export - REMOVE the Check mark



  • CoAction will then auto export any appointments between 3pm - 4pm
  • You can confirm the export has completed when you go to Admin > Global Settings and see the Last Export Date/Time 




  • The Database sends the exported appointments to a folder C:/Coaction/Export which is where Zingit will be able to have their system pull the daily appointment information they need



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