Visit Quick List

Visit Quick List is a snap shot of all previous appts.  If you hover over it a window pops up.  If you are hovering over a completed appt it will  show you any notes taken on that visit.  You can see the status of the previous appts incomplete, completed, missed etc.  If you right click on the visit it shows you what the CPV/TCV etc stand for.

  • Show tool tips- Will remove the pop up to view previous SOAP notes applied to a visit. (Soap notes only display for 5 seconds. To view longer, you will hover over the visit again)
  • Reason Of Visit- Selected when scheduling
  • Visit State- Completed, Missed Etc.
  • Adjusted- Determined by CPT codes applied to the visit. Adjustment codes are indicated in Admin>Global Settings> New Patient Codes
  • Care Plan Visits (CPV)- Where the patient is at in their care plan
  • Total Case Visits (TCV)-How many visits a patient has had since the day they started care on this case.
  • Visit Tracker- Where the patient is at on the Visit Tracker applied to their case.

If you do not want any of the lines items to show you will un-check the box and the line will go away.


You can find this in the panels drop down screen. Click on the Panels then look for the visit quick list and if it is not check marked then you will do so 


Once you click on the visit quick list the screen will pop up on your screen.


To move the screen you will put your mouse anywhere on the top dark blue line.  (You can see in the picture below)  then you will drag and drop to where you would like it on your screen. 





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