Adding a Provider Signature in CoAction


Once you have set up your Document Template you can add a providers signature to documents like Soap Notes for attorneys or payors or any other document that would need a Providers signature.

 (Here is the Document Template link if you need to set that up first: )

 Follow these instructions to set this up:

1. Have the provider sign a white sheet of computer paper, scan signature onto your computer as an IMAGE file (jpeg, etc) and save the file.

Please note: The signature you have saved, needs to be cropped before uploading to CoAction.

 - Open the file, using something like Paint or Paint 3d and crop the image to get rid of all the excess white around the signature and save it back to your computer.

2. Go to Admin                Admin.png

3. Select Providers           providers.png

4. Select Provider name and the Edit button




5. Select the Signature Tab, click the Import image option and press Import


6. Find the file location and highlight the file and hit Open

(cloud users: Dont forget to select Local Disk (C: on Computer name), Users, select computer user, then find the saved signature file location)


6. You will see signature added and Save




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