My AR Report does not match Patient Balance in Case

The main reason the AR report will not match the patients ledger is because write offs were performed "AFTER" the last completed appointment or "AFTER" the last patient payment was received.


The AR Report is refreshed by a new payment or a completed appointment.


Steps on how to refresh the AR Report


Option 1:

When Patient has Visits in their case


1. Go to Patients file

2. Select Appointment Tab

3. Click on the most recent, Completed Appointment

4. Click Review Button

5. Click Check out in patients appointment

6. Re-run AR Report


Option 2:

When a case is all Over the Counter Charges


1. Go to Patients file

2. Select Ledger Tab

3. Select Payment Tab

4. Post Payment Button

5. Add in .01 cash payment

6. Click on .01 payment made

7. Select Delete Button to delete payment

8. Re-run AR Report


Option 3: Contact Support


If the patient is still present on the AR Report, that can mean money within a charge was not allocated properly. Patient vs. Payer

Support will take a look at the Patients File/Charges to see where the discrepancy or problem lies.

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