Pax Set Up for Cloud to Server Clients

The Pax will not post a payment because you have just moved from VitaLogics cloud to server.


There is a quick change that needs to be made, you can either call support & we will do this for you or I will include instructions below. (One IP# has to be changed in VitaLogics.)


You will need to get the PAX IP# (see steps below). Then in VitaLogics go to Admin > Heartland Set Up and enter the PAX IP# where it says IP > Save and now you can post a payment!


How to find the Pax IP#:

1) Get the IP address assigned to your PAX device

  • Hold Function button down and Hit #1 button at same time (this unlocks)
  • On the device hit menu
  • Type in 916860 when prompted for the password.
  • Hit the green ok button then hit the down arrow on the screen and select communication.
  • Type in 916860 when prompted
  • Hit the down arrow and select LAN parameters
  • Select IP address. This will show you the IP address assigned to the PAX device
  • Write this address down.

VitaLogics Set Up

Open VitaLogics and go to Admin->Heartland Set Up

In the Heartland Set Up Button

  • Type-Stays Same TCP
  • For IP Address put in the IP# obtained from Pax s300.
  • IMPORTANT all numbers must be 3 characters for instance would be when inputted into VitaLogics.
  • Port stays same - 10009
  • Save


Any questions or need help click on support portal for a chat or contact 


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