Set Up After Moved from Azure To Amazon

If your database has been moved from Azure Cloud to Amazon Cloud follow these steps to change your URL and bookmark to the New Cloud Server:

You do NOT have to change Citrix Receiver.

1) In your browser (like Google Chrome), enter your NEW URL sent to you by support ( )

2) If you see the green install button - do not install since you already have Citrix - click on SKIP TO LOG ON


3) You will then see the Citrix Logon Screen

  • You will need to enter your CITRIX username & password which was sent to you in an email (same ones you had with Azure) from VitaLoigcs Support
  • The Domain is always: coactioncloud1
  • If your browser allows you to save the username & password click on save but you will always need to enter the domain (coactioncloud1)
  • You can also bookmark the page 

4) You will next see the 2 icons - you will click on the VitaLogics Icon

5) The first time you click on VitaLogics Icon you may see LAUNCH.ICA

Prompted To Open Launch.Ica When I Try To Log Into VitaLogics (Using Citrix)

  • on some computers, when you log into Citrix and you are asked to Save this file "ica"
  • Go ahead and Save the file
  • Otherwise, When you click on VitaLogics, you will see the Launch.ica in the bottom left corner

  • Select the Down Arrow (on the right of the file)

  • Then Select "Always open files of this type"

  • This will allow .ica files to open on this computer

If this is happening on other computers, you will need to follow the same steps on each computer

6) You will see a pop up that is just showing you that it is starting - nothing needs to be done here


7) You will see the VitaLogics login screen, You may see a pop up that says Block Use or Permit Use


(you can also check Do not ask me again for this site or follow steps below)


Before you log into VitaLogics you can set the system to not show this pop up (this will only work on Windows environments)

  • On your task bar find your arrow to show hidden icons > right click on the Citrix Receiver icon
  • Select Connection Center
  • Then highlight Coactioncloud1 > click on Preferences >Select Read & Write > Apply > OK

Citrix_stop_pop_up1.png               Citrix_stop_pop_up2.png citrix_stop_pop_up3.png        citrix_stop_pop_up4.png

8) You will now see the VitaLogics Logon Screen

  • Enter your normal VitaLogics username/password

9) To close VitaLogics go to the main menu and click on Quick Log off and Close on the logon screen

You are all set!


Contact support if you have any questions



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