Online Scheduling for Local Server Clients

Please review the ATTACHED manual for step by step instructions on how the VitaLogics Online Scheduling feature will work and detailed instructions on any set up that is needed.

These are just the table of contents found in the manual attached.

Please contact support if you have any questions or need assistance.

Table of Contents:


Step 1) Configuring your reasons of visit

Step 2) Controlling the Display of Insurance Fields, Do Not Use Online Scheduling and Default Clinic

Step 3) Appointment Confirmation Emails

Step 4) Getting the Link



The Website

1) Established Patients View

2) New Patients View

3) The Schedule Page

4) Confirmation

Online Scheduling Interface in VitaLogics

1) Visit Queue Interface

2) Filter by Status

3) Open Requests

4) Pending Requests

5) Expired Requests

6) Visit Request Details

7) Patient Details (from Online Submission)

8) Insurance Information Area for New Patients

9) Search for Correct Patient

10) Select

11) Create New Person

12) Case Management

13) Visit Request Details

14) Status Management

15) Provider Schedule

Additional Information

1) Adding a New Provider to Your VitaLogics - Configuring Your Providers




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