ICD Codes


Every database is provided with a library of ICD codes.

ICD 10s are currently displayed but, there are ICD9s in the Library as well.

Several ICD Codes can be stacked in one button.

Under the CoAction default user, categories and buttons have been created.  You are more than welcome to utilize what CA has provided, edit what has been provided or make your very own set of ICD buttons.

The ICD codes that are provided should be reviewed to determine if you would like to start there as its designed to save a lot of time in the set-up process.

Buttons are placed in the button location of your choosing. They can not be sorted in numerical or alphabetical order once created and they cannot be moved to a different page of buttons.

They can only be moved to an open button on the same page.

It is recommended that a clinic make the changes to the button structure under the CoAction default username or that the buttons be copied to the CoAction user after set up is completed.

This ensures that when the support team must access your system using that default user, they will be seeing the most up to date button structure.


To Add a New ICD Button

Under Admin

ICD Codes

  • First, you will select the Category you need to add a button under
  • Second, you will enter the Diagnosis Code you would like to appear on a button in the Code field at the bottom


If an ICD code you need to enter does not appear in the list, then you will have to add it to the list by clicking “Add ICD” at the bottom right of the screen.

You will enter the Code number, Description, if its and ICD 9 or 10 and hit save.

If you are unsure of the ICD 10 Equivalent, you can select the blue hyperlink to find out what the code is converted to.


Third, drag and drop that code onto an open button. 


Once you have dragged and dropped the code onto a button, you have the chance to modify the label on the button in the upper box.

This does not change the actual ICD code description, only the button View.

If you would like several ICD codes housed in one button, you can select “Click to add another ICD code”.


Once you are happy with the label on the button click “Save”.



ICD Code Categories

You can move categories around to make it easier to locate high demand services in the clinic by selecting the category you would like to move and use arrows on left to change location.



You can ADD a New Category by selecting the ADD Category button


Type in the name your category will display as in the list and select Save.


You can Edit the Name of a Category by selecting on the category you would like to Edit


Change the name and Save

Lastly, you can delete a category by selecting the category you would like to remove and hit Delete Category.

The system will want to make sure you would like to delete that category.

Press OK to delete

Please keep in mind, once a category is deleted, it is gone and any buttons that were created under that category will no longer be there as well.


To Delete an ICD Code Button

Simply Right Click a CPT code button you no longer want in the button structure and select DELETE

After all of your ICD code buttons have been created and no more changes need to be made, you will copy the buttons created to all users that will need to apply diagnosis codes to patient appointments.



To Copy Your ICD Button Structure

You will select the Copy Button Structure button at the top of the screen

You will select the user that all the changes were made under (typically it is the current user) on the LEFT and then select the first user you would like to copy the buttons to on the RIGHT and click “Save”.

Repeat this step to all the users you wish to copy the buttons structure to. 


Training Video Reference

Please keep in mind, this is an old training video and may not provide a full explanation but, is provided for a visual walk through.

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