Over The Counter (OTC)


(Over the Counter)


The OTC are of the CoAction Toolbar allows you to apply charges to a New or Existing Patients.

Allows you to a add charges to a Patient’s ledger, where an appointment is NOT required (distinguished in Admin > Price List, Appointment required column not checked), Insurance is not billed for these charges.

Allows you to create a Quick Appointment and add charges. Insurance may be billed if a patient has insurance present in their file.

Allows you to post charges to an already completed appointment for a Patient. Insurance can also be billed for these charges.



Let’s walk through the Steps:






Existing Patient Steps


Select “Link this purchase to an Existing Patient” and press Select Button.


Search Patients Name, Select Patient in Rolodex and Hit Open.



Make sure the Correct Case is selected in the drop-down and Select Next.


New Patient Steps

Anyone you would like to apply charges to, MUST be entered into CoAction and have a case created.

Select the “Create a New Patient for this Purchase” and select Next.

Add in ALL Necessary Info:


Patient name, Numbers, Email, Source (how they referred), DOB, Assigned Provider, Clinic, Case Description, Case Type, Price List and Designated Provider.

Once Finished Select Save




Three OTC Options:



First Option, “Over the Counter Charges”


This is selected for charges you would like to apply to the patient’s ledger where an appointment is not required. Things like supplements, cervical pillows, pain relieving gel etc.


Select Option, Next


Make sure Correct Date, Case and Provider charges should be linked to is selected at the top.


If a provider is not selected, charges in OTC will fall under Unassigned provider on the financial Reports.


Apply the CPT codes for purchase made.


Please note, if a patient would like to buy 2 or more of the same item, you will change the units to reflect the amount purchased.


When you change the units, make sure to click on the total charge amount or somewhere on the screen so the unit amount is no longer highlighted.


If you do not follow this step, the unit will revert to one.


Once finished, select Next


If the patient would like to make a payment,

Select Payment button. If not, just select Finished.


The Patient Balance displayed will be for all items purchased plus tax

(if tax is to be applied)


If the patient has a case balance prior to this purchase, that amount will also be reflected here.


*If the patient has a prior balance and you just want to charge the patient the amount for OTC purchases, you can cancel payment screen, hit the back button and add up charge amounts as they will reflect the true amount due for each charge including tax.






Second Option, “Quick Appointments”


This option allows you to create a Quick Appointment. You can add charges, ICDs, Soap notes, payments and complete the appointment without having to go through all the steps on the appointment dashboard.

This area is handy if a patient needed to be seen at lunch time, when office staff was out of the office and info needs to be added to CoAction.

Select option, Next


Select proper Reason of Visit and Time for appointment, Select Save.


Patients appointment Screen will open for you to enter ALL necessary Data, Charges and Payments. Once completed, you will select Check Out.


When this screen appears, Select Finished


Payment button is NOT for Quick Appointments


Once the appointment has been checked out, you will see it amongst the rest of the completed appointments for the day.

“Add to Appointment Charges”


This area allows you to review a patient appointment that has already been completed but, charges were missed.

Select Option, Next



All Completed appointments will appear in a list, Select the correct Appointment and Select OK


Appointment screen will pop up.

Add in any charges or data that was forgotten and Select Check Out.



When this screen appears, Select Finished


Payment button is NOT for Add to Appointments Area

Once Finished, the new data will reflect in the Patient’s past appointment.


Training Video Reference

Please keep in mind, this is an old training video and may not provide a full explanation but, is provided for a visual walk through.






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