Flagged Appointments and Report


Flagged Appointments


This report allows you to see flags attached to an appointment, to indicate an appointment will need to be reviewed.

There are 5 flag colors. Red, yellow, green, blue and black.

The clinic will choose the meaning for each flag color.

For example: a clinic can choose green to mean missing charges. There is not a place in Coaction to record the meaning. The office will need to keep track of that.

To attach a flag, you must go into a patient’s appointment, select appropriate flag under patient info panel and save/complete the appointment to lock the flag in place.


When a flag is selected, you will also see the flag visible on the Appointment Dashboard or in a patient’s file>Appointment Tab> Appointment History.


Flags added to an appointment will remain until the flag is removed.

To remove a flag, you will need to select the None button after the info needed has been added and checkout the appointment.

This report is run by Treating Provider (who the patient was scheduled under) and can be sorted by scheduled date/time or by status.




To run the flagged Appointments Report


Select the Reports button located in your CoAction Toolbar

Select Flagged Appointments button

Select Filters you would like to run the report by (see image below)


Clinic (if left blank, it will show totals for all)

- Scheduled / Treating Provider - you can choose whether it runs for All Providers or a specific provider

- “If ALL is selected, print a separate report for each provider” you can check this box if you would like a separate report ran. If not checked, info for all providers will print on the same report.

Date Range - Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year or Everything before

- Sort Report by – Scheduled time/date, Flag color or Patient

- Display Appointments with the following flags – CA defaults to have ALL flag colors selected but, you can run for a specific color.

For example: You may want to only run for appointments containing a Green Flag so, an office can search for any appointments that need charges added.





Here is an example of how the Report will look


Once the filters are selected. Your report will display this way.

You will see Date/Time, Reason of Visit for the appointment, Provider, Patient name, Case, color of flagged applied and any note added to the appointment.



Additional Info:

A Provider can also see Flagged Appointments added to Appointments in their Provider Dashboard.

This Displays at the bottom of their screen. A Provider selects a date range to the far right and selects Search to generate.




For Zingit users

You will see a button at the bottom right of the screen that states

This export option has been added to CoAction, so clients can export this report in a way that Zingit can use.

VitaLogics does not automatically send info to Zingit. A Clinic must select the CSV export button, save to computer and send to zingit.


Mailing Labels

Next to Csv Export, you will see a button that states

You can select the Mailing Label button to create mailing labels for patients on this report.


To Download/Print a Report

All reports will display a toolbar at the top of the page when generated.

You will be able to Print and Export the document. You will see the Red Circle is highlighting the Print button and the Red Arrow is pointing to the Export options. X=Excel, A=Adobe, and W=Word. 




Training Video Reference

Please keep in mind, this is an old training video and may not provide a full explanation but, is provided for a visual walkthrough.


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