Add New Providers 

Each person that is providing a service in the office should be set up as a provider.

If a provider is being added to CoAction and your clinic bills insurance, you will need to make sure a billing entity is created and attached for this provider as well.


Let’s get started

Under Admin


Select ADD


General Tab

  • You will select the Providers Username created under Admin>Users in the drop-down.
  • Type in how you would like the Providers name Displayed in CoAction, phone/cell/fax number and email address.
  • you can set the time frame for which a patient is considered late. This will prompt the appointment to turn red when the patient has not shown up for their appointment in the time frame selected and prompt your staff to give them a call.
  • You will link the provider to the appropriate billing entity created.  If you have not created a billing entity for this provider yet, save this provider info, go to Admin>Billing Entity>Create>Save and then Edit the provider and add it in. In the case where the clinic has a provider who is not a billing entity (i.e. a massage therapist who is providing self-pay services but, not having anything billed under him/her to insurance), you can leave the billing entity box blank.
  • There is also an option to click the box “Only View Assigned Patients”.  This will filter out patients in the rolodex so when that provider signs into CoAction, they will only see the patients assigned to them.




Once you have entered All necessary info, you will select Save.

* Every time you select SAVE on a tab, the system will close the provider window. To edit additional Tabs, you will want to select provider and hit EDIT to open back up



Schedule Tab

Under the Schedule tab, you will indicate the hours each provider is in the office seeing patients. This will be entered under the “Weekly Schedule “sub-tab.

If the provider works the same shifts on multiple days, (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), select those three days and click “Edit”.




Adding in the Provider Hours:

If you are working a morning shift from 8:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. you can enter those hours and click “Add”. 

To account for a lunch break or office admin time, you can then create a second shift from 2:00 P.M. to 5:30 P.M. for example.



Once you are finished, Select Save



Exceptions Schedule Tab

This should be used for things such as holidays or meetings where the provider will not be able to see patients during the regularly scheduled patient times.  It can also allow you to add a shift during a time when the provider is not normally scheduled to see patients.  For example, if the provider does not normally see patients on Saturday but is going open the clinic up for a couple hours one weekend




By clicking on “Exceptions to the Schedule” you will be able to add any span of time that the provider will be either available or unavailable to see patients that deviates from the regular schedule.  

If you click the box “Allow Override”, you will be able to still schedule patients during this time, even though you may have indicated that the provider is not available to see patients.


Calendar Sync Tab

Calendar Sync will let a provider sync the providers patient appointments with their Google Calendar.  This will allow a provider to access their patient schedule from a computer at home or a smart phone device (i.e. iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.).  You must have a Google email and password to set up this feature.  

Email addresses can only be synced to one provider. If other Staff Members/Doc's are needing to see a providers schedule, you will need to share your google calendar with that other Staff Member/Doc's in the office.

Due to HIPPA compliance, the patient's name will not appear on your gmail calendar. Only the Reason of visit and amount of time set for that appointment will show.


Amazon Cloud Clients

 Will need to contact support to set up this feature. Because google may send a code to the providers cellphone, support will need the providers name, gmail email address, password and a time scheduled with support to perform the set up.

If you are an Amazon client, please do not try to follow the steps below as your CoAction database will lock up and the programmers will have to unfreeze your cloud License.


Set up for Local Server and Azure Clients

To set it up, click the box “Create Token”

Your default web browser will open, asking you to select and account. If your account is not listed, select use another Account.

After you select your account or enter your Email and password, you will receive a notice letting you know that CoAction/VitaLogics wants to access your Google Account. Select Allow

Once you select Allow, the screen will go white. Now go back to CoAction.

Google Verification Set will now display YES

Click box next to on the “Publish this providers appointment to his/her Google Calendar”

Select Save


Signature tab

CoAction allows you to capture a digital signature for a provider that can then be used in a Document Template to be printed on your SOAP note report. 

There are two options to upload a signature:

You can use a signature capture ePad that is integrated with CoAction (only for Local Server Clients)


You can sign a piece of copy paper, scan the paper onto the computer, open the file in a program such as Paint, crop the image appropriately and then Import the saved signature. 

You also have the option to skip this step for now and come back to it once you are up and running with the signature capture pad if that is the route you chose by leaving the option selected “Do not use a signature”

Once you are done hit Save


SOAP Copying

In the SOAP Copying tab you can determine which sections of the SOAP note, if any, will copy from visit to visit in the patient’s appointments. 

This is provider specific so, it is based on preference.  Keep in mind, just because you are copying a certain section of the note from visit to visit, does not mean that it must print on a SOAP note report when using the Documenter. 

For example, if you indicated that you want the Narrative and Examination sections to copy from visit to visit, you would select those boxes here but, you have the ability later, to customize the SOAP note report so that the Narrative and Examination section of the SOAP notes only print for visits that have a particular Reason of Visit such as New Patient Visit or Re-Exam. 

Once you have indicated which sections of the notes, if any, should copy over, click “Save”.


Reason of Visit Tab

In this tab, you can tie a specific Reason of Visit to a specific provider.

For Example: You would not have a Massage reason of Visit checked for a Chiropractor. This allows for a shorter more concise ROV list when making an appointment for that specific Provider.

If you do not have your clinic info in and Reasons of visits created for your clinic yet, you will have to come back to this later.



Make sure the correct clinic is displayed in the drop-down, select the appropriate Reasons of visit boxes for the provider you are on and Select Save

You have now completed the Add Provider Section of Admin!!!


Training Video Reference

Please keep in mind, this is an old training video and may not provide a full explanation but, is provided for a visual walk through.


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