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CoAction comes preloaded with a template under the CoAction Default user that includes some of the Categories/CPT codes that you may be using in your clinic. 

The CPT codes must be reviewed to determine what CPT codes you may need to add or remove, dependent on your practice.

If you do not want to use or edit the template provided, you are more then welcome to start from scratch under your personal CoAction username and password as it will be a blank canvas.

There is not a way to sort your buttons by numerical or alphabetical order. The CPT codes or move them to another page of buttons. They are placed onto the button of your choosing and can only be moved to an open button location on the same button page.

Any and ALL Services you would like to charge the patient MUST HAVE a CPT code Button Created


To Add a CPT code

Under Admin

CPT Codes

When accessing the CPT codes area of Admin, you will see a list of created Categories, Buttons under each category and a library list of CPT codes that have been added to CoAction for added convenience with setting up your CPT code buttons.

You will also find that there are several CPT codes added to CoAction with alternate descriptions, such as 98940. The reason for this is your practice might prefer one description over another or may need to add a modifier such as -AT when billing medicare patients

We always recommend searching the CPT code you would like to add in the Library to see if it has already been added.


If the CPT has not been added, simply select ADD CPT at the bottom Right


 Tell the system the CPT code and Description for CPT code and Select Save

(This is the description you will see on the Price List, Statements etc.)

It is recommended that if you have products that you sell such as supplements that you use the same code but a different description for each supplement.

 This way, you will be able to run a report to see how many of each supplement was sold and for statistical purposes, see your total nutrition sales.

It is also recommended that If there are services that you typically do multiple units for and you are unable to find that service in the library, you add the unit amount in the description. This way it will be easy to find when creating your price list and/or Fee Schedules



 Once you have created your new CPT code, you will search the code in the CA Library. When it appears, select and drag to an open button in the category you choose    



Once you drag and drop, CA allows you to change how the button is displayed.

This only changes the way the button looks. The price list, Statements etc. will show the proper description.

Once you have it the way you like, you will select Save.




After you select Save, your new button will display in the location you chose.

Please follow these steps for any other New CPT buttons you may need to add.

Once you are finished, you will need to add your New CPT codes to your Price Lists to set the amounts you charge for a service and your Insurance Fee Schedules (If you will be creating fee schedules for insurance payers) so the system is aware of the allowed amounts for these CPT code buttons.


CPT Code Categories

You can move categories around to make it easier to locate high demand services in the clinic by selecting the category you would like to move and use arrows on left to change location.

You can ADD a New Category by selecting the ADD Category button

Type in the name your category will display as in the list and select Save.

You can Edit the Name of a Category by selecting on the category you would like to Edit

Change the name and Save

Lastly, you can delete a category by selecting the category you would like to remove and hit Delete Category.

The system will want to make sure you would like to delete that category.

Press OK to delete

Please keep in mind, once a category is deleted, it is gone and any buttons that were created under that category will no longer be there as well.


To Delete a CPT Code Button

Simply Right Click a CPT code button you no longer want in the button structure and select DELETE


To Copy Your CPT Code Button Structure

After you are finished making ALL necessary changes to your CPT code button structure, you will need to Copy Your button structure to ALL users that need to have the same buttons as you.


your buttons to a user that wants their button structure or created the CPT buttons they need to see, as this function will override their current buttons and replace with an EXACT replica of your buttons.

You will select the Copy Button Structure button at the top of the screen

You will select the user that all the changes were made under (typically it is the current user) on the LEFT and then select the first user you would like to copy the buttons to on the RIGHT and click “Save”.

Repeat this step to all the users you wish to copy the buttons structure to. 



Please make sure the CoAction User has the current button structure as well so, if the support team must access your system using that default user, they will be seeing the most up to date button structure.


Training Video Reference

Please keep in mind, this is an old training video and may not provide a full explanation but, is provided for a visual walk through.







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