In VitaLogics, appointments will get locked by the system if more then one user is trying to access the appointment at one time. The system does this to prevent data from being lost or saved inappropriately.

This typically happens when a doc is finishing up his notes but, the patient goes to the front to check out, make a payment, etc. and the front desk staff does not realize the doctor is still working on the appointment.  

If a clinic receives a message that an appointment is locked, it is very important that they do not follow these steps unless they are certain they are the only user accessing that appointment.


How To Unlock A Patient Appointment, Patient File Or Patient Visit


Under Admin





Select Kill locks and Refresh.

Information typically displays in this log, if there is more then one lock taking place in the system but, you will perform these steps even if there is nothing listed under What's locked.

Once the Lock has been cleared, you can go back to the appointment.


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