Clinics only need to use the Facility area of Admin, if they are sending patients out of the office for services like Lab work or X-rays clinic but, are going to submit a claim to insurance for the service.

Clinics Do Not need to add their own clinic as a Facility, for their info to print in box 32 of a HCFA form. That is handled in the Billing Entities area that is attached to a provider  and selected in Payer settings.

The facility area in admin is capped at a 25 character limit.


To Add a Facility

Under Admin



Add in all Necessary information.

Name of Facility, Address, Phone, Fax, Billing ID, NPI and Other ID ( If the facility has one)

Once you select Save, the Facility is added to the list and can be pulled into Box 32

How To Attach A Facility/Outside Lab And Charges To A Patient Appointment


Once the facility has been added to Admin> Facility, follow instructions below:

  • Open patient appointment that needs the Facility info
  • Go to patient visit screen > Open the Edit Charges panel
  • On the bottom you will see Box #20 - Outside Lab Charges – select Yes & enter the charge for that facility
  • In Box #32 select the Facility that was added in Admin
  • If you have entered Yes in Box 20 & the Facility name in Box 32 then it will show up on HCFA for that patient, that appt




This is where it will show on the HCFA

The Facility info will replace the clinic name/address



If you need to remove the facility info from the patient appointment – go back to Edit Charges panel and in Box 20 change to NO


Training Video Reference

Please keep in mind, this is an old training video and may not provide a full explanation but, is provided for a visual walk through.



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