Appointment Reminders


Appointment Reminders


This feature allows clients to send Text/Email Reminders to their patients. In the Appointment Reminders area of Admin, you set up the template, times and what patients they should be sent out to.

There is not a way to send certain types of reminders to certain types of patients.

CoAction only sends reminders based on scheduled appointments or missed appointments.

Once finished setting this area up, you will continue to Email Settings to finish Setup.


How To Make Changes To Appointment Reminders

(Times, Templates, Sender Email, Etc)


Under Admin

Appointment Reminders


In the Appointment Reminder Setting Screen you can make the following changes:


Appointment Reminders Via Email (top)-

  • set how many hours before the patient’s appointment, you want them to receive the reminder email.
  • You can also revise the sample email template on the right. Making it more fitting for the clinic.
  • Add in your sender email address

Appointment Reminders Via Text Message (in center)

  • You can set how many hours before the appointment the patient will receive a text message reminder.
  • you can also revise the template but be mindful it has a limited amount of character space. 
  • Change the sender email address

Late for Appointment Text Message (bottom)

  • you can set the number of minutes after the appointment is missed for patient to receive late text
  • You can revise the template as well 
  • Change the sender email address


Always Click SAVE when you are done making changes


Please keep in mind:

If you are using Email and Text reminders, you have to make sure the patients email, cell number and carrier are selected in the patients file, under the patients info tab.

If you select the option to send reminders to "only patients I select" You will have to opt the patient in to receive reminders by going to the patients file>Case Tab>Edit> Select Email and/or text for them to receive.

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