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Soap Notes

There are two ways to take SOAP notes in CoAction. Through traditional Soap note taking (here) and MACROS.

The traditional soap note process is not typically used anymore as most providers favor the Macros but, every now and again, it will pop up.

The Traditional way offers the ability to make categories under a specific target location S, O, A, P, N and E

Within each category, you can type out a phrase that is available to be selected while note taking.

One user can create the template under their username and then copy the content to another user in their clinic.


Under Admin

Soap Notes

If you select the VitaLogics Default Username in the dropdown, you will see a sample template.



If a user likes the information provided, they can start with this template.


The user can customize this template by selecting any of the Edit Options, at the bottom of the screen and make it more to their liking.



Once a template is finished, they can select the Copy Notes button to the right of the Username Dropdown.




When the window opens, you will need to:


Select the User that has the template on the LEFT and the user that needs the template on the RIGHT

Select if you are just providing “Categories” or “Categories and Notes”

Then select “Overwrite” or “Append”

Overwrite will replace anything the user may currently have or created with this information and Append will add this info to what the user already has.


Once Finished, Select Save.

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