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How to Post An EOB


When an EOB comes back as a Payment, Denial or being applied towards a Patients Deductible, this is how you would Post the EOB.



Select Billing in CoAction Tool Bar

Select Post New EOB

Fill out EOB Screen


  • Enter Posted Date (Date you are posting EOB) 
  • Select Check or Credit Card option (this will remove the check number field)
  • Enter Check number or Select Blue Hyperlink. Click to add Credit Card




Please Note: Posting a CC payment in the “Post New EOB” area of CoAction is not actually running the Credit Card for payment. You will have to run the Credit Card through your merchant as well.

If you are using Heartland for your Merchant Services, you will run the payment through the Portico System provided by Heartland. If you have not utilized this feature, please contact Heartland to have access.


Add in All Credit Card Info Provided.



When finished select OK

  • Enter EOB/Check Date **Note: If you DO NOT enter a check date while Posting the new EOB, You will not be able to complete it! You will have to then START over while posting the EOB Check Date.
  • Select Insurance Payer from drop-down.
  • Select Correct Clinic in drop-down, payment is posting to. (If there is only one clinic entered in your CA database, the correct clinic will automatically display)
  • Enter Check Amount (Amount of Check or Credit Card payment)
  • Enter Any Notes needing to be applied


Once finished, select NEXT


Select 1st Patient on EOB within the Rolodex



Select NEXT

  • Make sure the correct Payer level Tab is selected.
  • Using Calendar display provided, Select Date/s of service payment is being applied to.
  • To select multiple dates, hold down the CTRL button or click on first date of service and drag mouse to highlight a whole section.
  • Select Apply Date Filter Button to display dates of service that are within the dates selected on the Calendar.



Quick Tip:

If your office gets busy or you get pulled away from the computer, the Save Button at the bottom Left of the Screen will allow you to Save your progress.

When you are ready to work on your EOB again, you will go to Billing > In-process EOBS > Find the correct EOB > Select > Edit EOB to pick up where you left off. 😊


There are 2 ways to post your EOB:


You can post payment to charges using the spreadsheet view displayed by tabbing through each column and entering the correct info.






Select the Green Pencil Icon to the far Right of the charges



This display has more options then what the spreadsheet view has.

You can perform Recoupments, Insurance Refunds and see previous recoupments, refunds and payments if more then one EOB has been applied to charges.

If you are posting a deductible or denial, make sure you select DEDUCTIBLE OR DENIAL from the drop-down where payment would be indicated. This step is important or the patient will fall off the EOB and move responsibility to the charge. 


When money has been allocated properly, Select Ok.


Please Note: If money is not allocated properly, you will see a red Exclamation point indicating something needs to be fixed.


If you have more patients to enter on EOB, Select Next.


If you are posting Denials or Deductible payments, where no check amount is entered, you will be asked:


"Would you like to Complete this EOB?"


Select “No”



Select the next Patient from Rolodex and repeat the steps.

Once you are finished posting the EOB, you can upload the EOB for safe keeping.


To upload your EOB


  • Scan your EOB and Save onto your Computer (If it is not already a saved file)
  • Select “Attached Files Tab”, ADD




Select Location of File, OPEN



You will see a downloading window pop up. This window will close on its own, when finished.



Uploaded EOB will display.

This EOB can be viewed anytime when reviewing this EOB by selecting the EOB and hitting “Edit”



Select General Tab to go back to EOB posting screen.




Now that you have completed all steps, you will verify that the Total Check Amount matches the Amount Applied and Select Next.


"Would you like to Complete this EOB?"


If Finished, Select YES!!!



Training Video Reference

Please keep in mind, this is an old training video and may not provide a full explanation but, is provided for a visual walk through.



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