In- Process EOB


In-Process EOBs


If you’re ever working on an EOB and must select SAVE so you can work on it later, those EOBs are housed here.

This area also allows you to go straight to Completed EOBs and ADD a new EOB to CoAction.


Under Billing

In-Process EOBs

You can select Any EOBs listed here and Select Edit EOB at the bottom Right to continue working on it. Once you select Complete EOB, it will be removed from the In-Process EOB area and placed under Completed EOBs.


Quick Tip:

You can access your Completed EOBs area of billing by selecting the

"View Completed EOBs"

Button at the bottom left corner of the screen.


You can also select the “Enter a New EOB” button to enter a new EOB from this screen as well.


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