Search HCFAs


Search HCFAs

After HCFAs are created, CoAction keeps a copy of them.

You can search HCFAs in this area, to see ALL claims generated ON a specific date.

You will not search by date of service.

If you are just needing to see claims generated for one patient, you can go to the Patients file > Billing Tab > HCFA.


To Search HCFAs


Under Billing


Search HCFAs


You can select Several Filters:


CoAction Defaults to All Providers, Case Classifications and All Payers but, you can select individual options as well.

To select multiple options, hold down the CTRL button while making                          selections.                     


Date Range:


When Selecting a date, you are selecting a date based on when the claim/s were generated and not the date of service you are looking for.




You can select Range of days, Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year, Everything before and Everything after a specific date.


Additional Filters:


You can select any of these filters that apply to your unique search.


When you are finished selecting your filters, Select



Claims that fall within the filters selected will be presented at the bottom of the screen.


You can Select a Claim in the list to View, Print or E-claim again.



Please keep in mind:

This will be an exact replica of the original claim created.

This is not how you rebill a claim or regenerate a claim with new data added to CoAction.

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