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This area of Billing allows you to create Patient Statements for ALL Patients or an Individual Patient, in the office, with an outstanding Patient Balance.

If you are just wanting to create a Statement for an Individual Patient, you can generate their statement in their Patient File > Billing Tab > Patient Statement as well.

When generating a Patient statement in a patients file, you can generate a statement if the patient does or does not have a balance.

Any Statement generated here, will be recorded in their Patient File > Billing > Patient Statement Tab.

#9 Envelopes work best with displaying the Patient Address in the display window.


How to Generate Patient Statements


Under Billing


Patient Statement


This is the screen you will be looking at.


Let’s go through each filter in Detail


In this area, you can select:

All Cases with a Patient Balance, Select an Individual Patient or Only cases with a Patient Balance older then; x amount of days.



CoAction defaults to run the Patient Statements for ALL Providers but, you can select a specific Assigned Provider you would like to generate statements for by selecting the box provided and select Provider from the drop-down.

To use this filter, your clinic needs to be selecting an Assigned Provider in the Patients File > Patient Info Tab.



Statement Options:


  • Standard: The Standard Statement will display a full break down of charges, write offs and Patient payments applied to account. Amount due is as of the date range selected.
  • Detailed: The Detailed Statement will display a full break down of charges, write offs and payments made on the patients account and distinguish whether it is applied to Insurance or Patient Responsibility. It will also provide outstanding balances for other cases the patient may have. Amount due will only reflect the Patient balance Due on the current case, during the date range the statement was generated for.
  • Payment Due: You have two payment due options for your generated statements. Payment due x number of days after statement date or “Due Now”
  • CPT Codes: CPT codes and CPT Descriptions are defaulted to be present on your statements but, you can remove Cpt codes or CPT code Descriptions by unchecking the corresponding box. One must be checked to generate the statement as the statement needs to display in detail why the patient owes the balance displayed.
  • Interest: You can apply interest to the Patient Statements you are generating. If you would like to apply Interest, select “Interest payment for charges older then x amount of days. Once selected, you choose the interest percentage. Interest will be added to the statement and Patients Ledger as a charge.
  • Default Statement Message: The message typed here is displayed on the Patient statement. This can be a Thank you message, notification or clinic slogan you would like Patients to see. This message will remain until changed.


Date Range Options:

Range of days, Day, Week, Month, Quarter or Year.

Please keep in mind:

If you are not running a date range that includes today's date, it will show the balance as of that day.


Selecting the box “only display patient information” will remove ALL Insurance references added to the generated Patient Statement.

This is selected when you are a Cash/Self Pay Clinic and Patients are not using or accepting Insurance.


Case Data:

CoAction defaults to all case types statuses.

You can select a Specific Case Type, Case Status or select “Only create for cases with patient balances greater the x amount of dollars.”



Return Address and Make checks payable to:


 Are free text areas for you to fill in your clinic info.

The info entered will stay in this area until changed.


Once All Selections have been selected or Filled in,

Select Next


Sample Standard Statement





Sample Detailed Statement


Both Statement Options will display a Balance Forward line item at the top of the statement.

This will reflect any amount due from previous charges that are outside the date range selected.

If there is not a balance outside the date range, the balance forward line item will still be present but, show $0.00.


Once you select Next again, your print box will appear to print the statements generated.


To View Recorded Patient Statements


Go to the Patients file > Billing Tab > Patient Statement.

  • Make sure the correct case is selected.
  • Select Standard or Detailed Statement from the drop-down.
  • Select Statement to View.
  • Select View Button on the Bottom Right.




Re-Printing and Emailing a Patient Statement


After you have opened the recorded Patient Statement in the patients file, the Patient Statement will display a tool bar at the top of the page when generated.


You will be able to Print and Export the document. You will see the Red Circle is highlighting the Print button and the Red Arrow is pointing to the Export options. X=Excel, A=Adobe and W=Word. 




Once the Statement has been exported to your computer, using one of the above options, you can upload to an email and send to the Patient.




To Void a Patient Statement Created in Error


Go to the Patients file > Billing Tab > Patient Statement.

  • Make sure the correct case is selected.
  • Select Standard or Detailed Statement from the drop-down.
  • Select Statement to Void.
  • Select Void Button on the Bottom Right.





Once Voided, it will be removed from the list of recorded statements and only be view-able under the Voided Tab




Training Video Reference

Please keep in mind, this is an old training video and may not provide a full explanation but, is provided for a visual walk through.



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