Auto Payment Report

Auto Payment Report


If you have an integrated merchant with CoAction, such as Heartland or Fortis, you can set a care plan up on Automatic Recurring Payments.

If you have started using Auto Debits, you will need to check on this report, to ensure payments are posting as needed.

This is a view-able report only. It cannot be printed or exported.


To Run the Report

Under Billing

Auto Payments

This report will show you:

 The Date of Service, Amount of Auto debit, Patients name, Care Plan name, Case, Status, Status Message and Payment Method Auto Debits were created for.

Status messages include: Approved, Denied and Never Attempted.

Denials will provide a denial reason that you can take back to your merchant to find out the reason.

Never Attempted is only displayed if the Patients Auto-Debit is outside the 7-day processing window or if the patient has a credit on their account.

Auto Debits WILL NOT run if the Patient has a credit balance.



At the bottom right of the report you have several options to choose:

View Patient, Edit Payment Method, Re-Submit and Close.

For ALL Options besides Close, you will select the Patients Auto Debit Line Item and pick an option.

  • View Patient: Allows you to view the patient info
  • Edit Payment Method: Allows you to change the Payment Method for the Auto-Debit.
  • Re-Submit: Allows you to manually push a “Never Attempted” payment. This is helpful when the patient has a credit and the auto-debit still needs to be taken.
  • Close: Close the Report
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